Telework has grown unprecedentedly with the containment, because it is a solution that allows companies to continue their activities, while ensuring the health of their employees. Those who have never dared to get involved in teleworking have no choice but to do so. It is true that teleworking can be accompanied by disadvantages, especially psychological, for the teleworker, but as far as standards are concerned, ISO 45001 helps to prevent them.


Tips to ensure effective implementation of telework in your organization

  • Define clear objectives, clarify expectations and determine the expected results according to the established schedule. When telecommuting, the manager will focus more on the results and their impact on the business and/or the progress of the project, rather than on controlling the tasks;
  • Maintain interaction with the whole team: provide appropriate communication tools to employees (instant messaging, video conferencing tools...) and encourage communication;
  • Centralize information: a teleworker must be able to access all the information he needs as well as all the documents and work files to improve the efficiency of his work.

ISO 45001 to prevent the dangers of teleworking

The hazards of telecommuting include:

  • Mental overload;
  • Lack of interpersonal contact;
  • Risk of burnout;
  • Goal-related stress;
  • Personal/work life imbalance;
  • Fear of being forgotten by the company;
  • Poor time management;
  • De-motivation due to monotony;
  • Distractions from family or environment.

ISO 45001 covers aspects of providing safe and healthy conditions for workers and teleworkers.

In general, the recommendations are to :

  • control all factors that may have psychological consequences ;
  • mitigate adverse effects on the mental, cognitive and physical state of the teleworker.

Advantages of using an expert firm

The Extrend Consulting firm accompanies your company through several actions:

  • evaluation by diagnosis;
  • Support in the implementation of ISO 45001;
  • implementation of the management and support system.