ISO 45001

What is ISO 45001 version 2018? 

ISO 45001 version 2018 is the standard for an occupational health and safety management system in companies and organisations. The guidelines relate to the requirements of OHS management:

● employee safety (prevention of work-related psychological and physical injuries and pathologies, reduction of workplace risks) 

● improving their OHS performance (by creating safer and optimal working conditions) 

It is the specific standard for OHS issues: on the one hand internal (employees), on the other hand external stakeholders (subcontractors and suppliers).

What are the benefits of ISO 45001 certification for your organisation?

The certification has clear benefits in terms of : 

  • reducing the possibility of prosecution or fines
  • contribution to a safer and healthier working environment 
  • reduction of the possibility of prosecution or fines
  • improving the well-being and health of employees 
  • regulatory and legal compliance


  • allows employees to participate in the implementation of safety provisions
  • improves stakeholder confidence through an internationally recognised standard 

Key steps in implementing ISO 45001 

Step 1 - Diagnosis of the existing situation: observation in the field, meeting with the direct actors for OHS, identification of the causes of defects and difficulties encountered. 

Step 2 - Involvement of the management team in OHS issues: collaboration with external partners, possibly health professionals, to find out the strategy to be implemented and define the company's policy in terms of OHS, involvement of everyone to create new ideas. 

Step 3 - Integration of all employees to create a common vision in terms of OHS: participation of everyone, at his or her level, in the implementation of the company's vision through concrete actions (weekly meetings), circulating ideas in the different departments. 

Extrend Consulting supports you in your ISO 45001 certification process through several actions:

1.  audit  

2.  implementation of management systems that meet the requirements of ISO 45001   

3. training in ISO standards