Whatever the size, the field of activity of your business, risk management is essential for a better management system. Risk management with ISO 31000 is part of a logic of quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

If the 31000 standard on risk management does not offer certification to your organization, it allows the auditor to look at risk management in different areas. This ISO 31000 standard provides guidelines to help managers in your organization address the management of all forms of risk.


What is risk management?

The effect of uncertainty on a company's objectives constitutes a risk, and its management enables the negative effects or threats that arise to be controlled. While putting forward the opportunities to improve the performance of an organization, its products, services or simply one of its projects.

The central objective of ISO 31000 is to realize and protect value.

Risk management: who is the ISO 31000 standard for?

The ISO 31000 risk management standard provides a framework for assessing risk within an organization. The risk management standard is aimed at senior managers, line and project managers and professional risk managers.

This risk management standard is of course relevant to internal auditors and those from external firms such as Extrend Consulting. We are a specialized firm to guide you through the recommendations of this standard on risk management. 

With our training on this topic, you have the elements to implement a structured risk management. Not to mention the confidence and recognition of your partners on your proactive ability to achieve objectives and protect your business against any form of risk.